Fung Ming Chip, born in Guangdong, China and raised in Hong Kong, has lived between the cities of New York, Taipei and Hong Kong before settling in Hong Kong, where he currently resides and practices. 


Self-taught, Fung’s career spans nearly four decades and is rooted in the written word first explored through the classical art of seal engraving.  The artist later expanded his artistic practice to wood-carving, ink painting, calligraphy, sculpture and sgraffito.


Fung’s unconventional works challenge dictums and enlarge the possibilities in a world still bound by accepted norms and traditions.  In doing so, Fung lays a new foundation for a regenerating artistic practice that lives in the throws of experimentation and breakthrough.


Among his many international exhibitions, Fung had a major solo retrospective at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 1999. He was artist in residence at Cambridge University, and his work is included in major private and institutional collections around the world, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, White Rabbit Collection, Sydney and Israel Museum, Jerusalem. He has also been active as a painter, photographer, and sculptor. In 2008, he created Les Poemes du Mandarin tableware pattern for Hermes.