Fung Ming Chip - "20Hz - 20KHz"

Fung Ming Chip: 20Hz - 20KHz


Exhibition Period: 23 June - 28 August 2021

Opening Reception: 23 June, 6-8pm (Artist will be present.)


Galerie du Monde is pleased to present Hong Kong ink artist Fung Ming Chip's solo exhibition "20Hz - 20KHz", debuting Fung's new work of abstraction and landscape responding to music. Through the flow of ink and his playful brushstrokes, Fung's abstract ink painting denotes the passing of time, and synthesizes our visual experience and music seamlessly.


‘20Hz - 20KHz’ is the range of audio frequency that can be heard by humans. The new body of abstract paintings was created two years after Fung Ming Chip became an audiophile in 2017. Fung grew up in Hong Kong’s Mongkok district, known as the go-to spot for professional audio equipment. Ever since his teenage years, Fung has been fascinated by the dynamic sounds created by self-built amplifiers. Fung started to build his own amplifier at home, and revisited the music that he discovered during his time in New York City, one of his favorites is ‘Himalaya’ by Vangelis, a Greek musician and composer of electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz and orchestral music. He listened to the music repeatedly, and discovered different layers and instruments in every round.


In a space filled with music, rhythm and volume transcend three-dimensional movement. With time, music leads Fung into a memory palace, in search for a specific scenic memory. Fung conveys this sensual experience spontaneously onto paper with ink. Riding on his free and daring creative spirit, Fung extends his exploration of time and space through the combination of his musical memory, visual imagery, and his gestural treatment of the art of line – Shu-Fa (calligraphy). Fung continues to further the possibilities of ink art, challenging our understanding of the art form.