Hong Kong Museum of Art "By the People: Creative Chinese Characters"

Kurt Chan, Cheung Yee, Fung Ming Chip

"By the People: Creative Chinese Characters"

Presented by the Hong Kong Museum of Art

Exhibition Period: 9 September 2022 to 26 November 2023

Curated: Freeman Lau

Exhibition Consultant: Kurt Chan


Featured Galerie du Monde artists:

Kurt Chan, Cheung Yee, and Fung Ming Chip


Chinese characters have been used for over three thousand years. With their unique structure and shape, the characters have served as an important conduit and genre for literati and calligraphers to create their works throughout history. A vast array of applications for Chinese characters have been developed in different places. All kinds of creative adaptations can be found in the works of craftsmen, artists, literati, and even calligraphers. They can also be found in the everyday lives of ordinary people, through their games, religions, festivals, and ceremonies. The exhibition presents the value of Chinese characters in our cultural lifestyle and contemporary creation through research on Chinese characters in different areas, providing visitors with multiple perspectives to explore the relationship between Chinese characters, calligraphy and art creativity.


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September 9, 2022
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