2023 Hengshan Calligraphy Biennial

Featuring Liu Kuo-Sung, Wang Gongyi, Wesley Tongson, Fung Ming Chip and Wu Chi-Tsung

2023 Hengshan Calligraphy Biennial 

Date: 20 January - 24 April 2023

Venue: Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center, Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Co-organized by Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts and Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center


Galerie du Monde is delighted to share our artists Liu Kuo-Sung, Wang Gongyi, Wesley Tongson, Fung Ming Chip and Wu Chi-Tsung are featured in the 2023 Hengshan Calligraphy Biennial. The inaugural biennial is titled "Era of Principle and No Principle Interwoven",  centered on the development and future prospect of Chinese Calligraphy in the context of contemporary art.


Featured Artworks

Liu Kuo-Sung

Let the Spirit Freely Wander, Let the Mind be Pleased, 2022

Ink and Color on Paper

189 x 392 cm 


Wang Gongyi

Thousand Character Text, 2018
Ink on Xuan Paper
164 x 146 cm


Wang Gongyi
Up Above, a Waterfall in Flight, 2006

Ink on Xuan Paper
96.8 x 180.3 cm 


Wesley Tongson
With the prevalence of ink, we can observe the teachings of Buddha, whose wisdom is all-encompassing, 2011

Ink on Paper

104.9 x 186.8 x 5 cm


Wesley Tongson
聼傳復政蓮者, 靜觀望園盤故, 游至晴朗梳學, 2011
Ink on Paper
187.8 x 104.9 x 5 cm 


Fung Ming Chip
Bold Black Script, The Rules, 2012

Ink on Xuan Paper
181 x 96.5 cm


Fung Ming Chip

Light Script, Heart Sutra, 2011

Ink on Xuan Paper

193 x 192 cm


Wu Chi-Tsung

Calligraphy Series 001, 2022

Single-channel video

2 minutes


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