Group Exhibition "Energetic Gestures"

Featuring Michael Müller and Qin Feng

Group Exhibition "Energetic Gestures" 

Exhibition Period: 20 October - 8 Novermber 2022

Veune: KUNSTSAELE @ Studio Michael Müller,  Eresburgstr. 24-29, 12103 Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany

Curated by Philipp Bollmann


Galerie du Monde is delighted to share that artists Michael Müller and Qin Feng will be featured in the group exhibition "Energetic Gestures", curated by Philipp Bollmann. The exhibition explores the concept of "powerin art and also its insignificance on a content-immanent level.  The concept of "poweris used in almost all cultures and epochs to describe and characterize works of art and artefacts, on the one hand describing their effect on the recipients, but on the other hand also to outline the motivations and working methods of the artists. In contemporary artistic practice, energetic expression and abstraction still go hand in hand. The exhibition presents the works whose creative use of powerful gestures often transcends the category of a stylistic element and becomes the content itself.


Featured artworks:

Michael Müller

Ausfüllen, vom Rand Her” (1992/2022)

Acrylic, Gesso and Lacquer on Printed Alu-dibond and Glass Aluminium Frame and Distance Bar

Two-part work, each: 152 x 242 x 4 cm (framed)


Qin Feng

Civilization Landscape No.19 (2012)

Ink, Coffee and Tea on Special Paper

125 x 200 cm


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October 19, 2022
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