Wu Chi-Tsung

"Buddha 10" at Museum of Eastern Art of Turin

Buddha 10: A Fragmented Display on Buddhist Visual Evolution

Exhibition Period: 20 October 2022 - 3 September 2023

Veune: Museo d’Arte Orientale di Torino, Torino, Italy

Curated by Davide Quadrio


Galerie du Monde is delighted to share artist Wu Chi-Tsung’s Drawing Study series will be featured in "Buddha 10: A Fragmented Display on Buddhist Visual Evolution", curated by Davide Quadrio at Museo d’Arte Orientale di Torino (Museum of Eastern Art of Turin) in Italy. 


The exhibition features 2,300 objects from different geographical areas and expand through a wide chronological period in the museum’s collection, among which Buddhist sculptures from the Chinese collection will be the highlight, with the aim to offer different perspectives and reflections on the museum and its proud collection of Asian art.


The concept of Drawing Study series originated in 2021, inspired by Wu's collaboration with TAO ART SPACE for his solo exhibition in Taipei, in which he uses a flashlight as a paintbrush to capture the silhouette of ancient Buddhist statues and records the tails of light in space, allowing the outlines of the statues to gradually appear. As invited by curator Davide Quadrio, Wu is commissioned to create new works of the series featuring Buddhist statues of the museum’s collection. The new works will be presented in the second part of the exhibition in January and become part of the museum’s collection. 


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October 20, 2022
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