Roland Biermann

Selected works at Henry Luce Center for the Arts and Religion, Washington, DC

Galerie du Monde is thrilled to share a selection of works from the Rosen Collection created by Roland Biermann is currently on show at Henry Luce Center for the Arts and Religion, Washington, DC. A model of Roland's Stations 1 sculpture in Barbican, London and a print capturing the installation are featured in the exhibition. This is an ongoing programme where certain works get periodically exchanged.


Commissed in 2015, Stations 1 was Roland's first work of his Stations series. A wall of oil barrels painted in 12 different shades of red and silvery motorway crash barriers piercing the barrels, suggest oil and blood, violence, or a fatal car crash. Reinterpreting the Stations of the Cross, the work also suggests blood spilled in the pursuit of fossil fuels and the ongoing violence in the Near and Middle East.


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October 8, 2022
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