Fung Ming Chip

Permanent Collection, Art Institute of Chicago

Galerie du Monde is delighted to announce that Hong Kong artist Fung Ming Chip's 3-part work "Light Line Script" (2003) has been acquired by the Art Institute of Chicago, into their permanent collection.


The "Light Line Script" was created in 2003. This work evinces Fung's long-term research on traditional calligraphy, and his continuous investigation on calligraphic space and its paper support. Fung first wrote down the characters in light ink. Before the ink dried up, he applied ink to part of the Xuan paper (Chinese rice paper), leaving certain area of the Xuan paper blank. As the ink was only partially absorbed in places where the water of the characters had saturated the paper, the characters floated atop this layer of ink. And the area that Fung left blank is reminiscent of light shining through slits, hence Fung titled the work "Light Line Script".


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August 31, 2020
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