Fung Ming Chip

"Post Marijuana, Sand Script" Featured in the Arts of China Gallery at the Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum’s Arts of China and Arts of Japan galleries are scheduled to reopen on October 25, 2019 after a major six year renovation and reinstallation. The updated exhibits will pair classic masterworks with contemporary pieces from Chinese and Japanese artists to highlight the techniques and themes connecting each country’s artistic practices over many centuries. 


More than 50 recently acquired works from contemporary artists will be added to the Arts of China gallery, including experimental ink paintings from Fung Ming Chip, Peng Wei, Zheng Chongbin, Tai Xiangzhou, Sun Xun and others. Many of the new pieces are influenced by life in modern China, dealing with issues like urbanization, pollution and the country’s rapid move toward a modern economy. In addition to artwork spanning 5,000 years of Chinese history, the gallery will display contemporary Chinese works in a special exhibition. The modern pieces will rotate into the primary exhibit on a regular basis.


The Brooklyn Museum's permanent collection contains three hand scrolls by Fung Ming Chip, including "Post-Marijuana, Sand Script", "Struck by Lightning, Rubbing Script", and "Song of the Nightwalker, Time Script", as well as four seals carved by the artist. Currently featured in the Arts of China gallery is one of the scroll works -- "Post Marijuana, Sand Script" created in 2013. 



Post Marijuana

The euphoria that follows marijuana

The twisting and turning

Stretching into empty space

Craziness and chaos intermingling

Mixing good and evil

Moving on and on

Beyond the sense of value

Breaking the shackles of the prisoner’s age of time

Striding towards the edge of the night

The furthest edge of life

Treading, spinning

Consciously sinking to the bottom

Detached from the soul

To become a saint



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October 25, 2019
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