Yao Hai

"Organic Production" at YELL Space, Shanghai

"Organic Production"

Venue: YELL Space, Shanghai

Exhibition Period: May 18 - June 4, 2019


"Organic Production" is an experimental project comprised of performances, actions, sounds and theatre. Yao Hai attempts to carry out a production and generate interaction between sounds through different repetitive and boring actions in four groups of performances. These actions have no direct relationship nor any explicit orientation and narrative. Rather, they emphasize a spontaneous development and agitation. Each group of performances generates its own sounds with the absence of tonality, to create and complete the pure context of production.


Yao Hai intends to acquire products and new production power through this boring production system. He continues to question and explore in an evolving process, and to experience the possibility of aesthetic generation in the most unadulterated way.


In the exhibition space, Yao Hai presents four groups of performances and several related by-products including videos, sounds and images. All the performances occur at the same time and influence each other to produce resonance, while each part of the performances and the by-products independently produce different subjects for imagination. Yao Hai superimposes his own language in the exhibition space as a background to dominate the scene, with a magical and humorous appraoch to intervene and to effectively achieve modulation and expansion of the space.

May 18, 2019
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