Qin Chong

Participates in NordArt 2019 in Germany

NordArt 2019

Venue: Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Vorwerksallee, Germany 

Exhibition Period: June 1 – October 13, 2019


Since 1999 the NordArt has established itself as one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe which takes place annually in the summer months. More than 200 international artists, selected by a jury, present a comprehensive panorama of contemporary art. Each individual work not only speaks for itself but also creates new perspectives when seen juxtaposed against the unique backdrop offered by the Carlshütte and the adjacent historical sculpture park. 


The 21st edition of the large summer exhibition will feature paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations by more than 200 artists from all over the world. Each artwork stands for itself and at the same time in dialogue with the others.


NordArt will be presenting new highlights from China in 2019. After Liu Ruowang's spectacular apes and Xu Bing's phoenixes, visitors can look forward to "Noah's Garden" by Deng Guoyuan, "Babylonian" by Xi Jianjun and "United Nations Black And White" by Qin Chong.


"United Nations Black and White" is an installation that consists of a camouflage opening ceremony and the presence of the artist himself among other participants in the ceremony. The UN has always been a symbol of world order in international politics and the authority to regulate the interests of different countries since World War II. However, for more than half a century, practices of UN have not corresponded with the purpose. It is simply a stage for the rally of great powers to voice their interests as well as quarrel endlessly among themselves trying to balance their respective interests in futile. Qin Chong seems to have felt the noisy characteristics of the UN in reality and tried to purify the political forum to reach consensus by reducing the colors to merely black and white.


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May 29, 2019
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