Adia Millett

Collaborative Exhibition "Emergence"

Adia Millett and Alex Asher Daniel have come together to create a body of work inspired by their artistic practices and spiritual journeys. At the beginning of 2021, they began an in-depth conversation around their art making process as it relates to human interconnection, multi-dimensional realms, and the constant emergence of who we are.


The endless parallels in their lives united their vastly different creatiev styles. Questions about space, our bodies and energetic fields became the starting point for their collaboration. Through the exploration of how to integrate their visual voices, the artists developed a series of paintings that intertwine the human figure within a celestial abstract space.


Millett and Daniel's paintnigs attempt to take the ethereal body to a cosmic realm, where the viewer can imagine the possibilities of astral projection and witness themselves connected to the cosmos and each other.


The sharp polygon shapes collide and emerge with the fluid, floating figures, suggesting an alternative dimension. Here the melding of textures, colors and shapes speak to the impermanence of all matter, specifically of the earth and our human form.


"Emergence" is an honoring of our human connection and an acknowledgement of what exists beyond. A collaborative exhibition by Millett and Daniel will be presented at the KP Projects in Los Angeles in January 2022. The opening reception will be on 8 January, from 2-7pm.


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December 28, 2021
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