Adia Millett

Antiracist Libraries Project

Rise Up Against Racism (RUAR) is a non-profit organization focused on implementing change through sustainable initiatives. The goal of the Antiracist Book Initiative is to bring the community together, create a space for vital conversations about antiracism, and ensure that both children and adults have ready access to books that elevate Black voices and inspire us all to understand and actively dismantle racism. 


RUAR’s antiracist books are housed inside Little Free Antiracist Libraries. Built from the ground up, these libraries are transformed into functional pieces of community art by local Black artists that RUAR commissions to paint. These are not ordinary libraries, they prominently display “This Little Library is Antiracist”. Adia Millett's "little library" was launched in Walnut Creek, California.


Q&A with artist Adia Millett --

April 5, 2021
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