Crystal Liu - you gave me everything

Crystal Liu: you gave me everything

Exhibition period: 26 April - 3 June 2023

Opening Reception on 26 April 2023, 5pm to 7pm


Galerie du Monde presents “you gave me everything”, an exhibition of recent works by Canadian-Chinese artist Crystal Liu, on view from 26 April through 3 June 2023 in Hong Kong. This is Liu’s third exhibition with the gallery.


Through her distinct visual language and personal narrative, Liu uses landscape as a metaphor for the intangible forces that drive human beings from within. She draws inspirations from her daily life experiences, her relationships, and her curiosity of the beauty and complexities of nature and human emotions as raw material for her artistic practice.


After the sudden loss of her father at the beginning of the pandemic, Liu went on many long walks in nature to find comfort. Flowers in particular helped her heal and be more hopeful. The painting series “our place” was developed during this period with the intention to create a dream garden for her and her father to meet again.


Composed primarily of watercolor, ink, gouache and gold leaf on paper, “the rock garden” painting series is an extension of Liu’s garden cosmos, inspired by her studies in floral arrangement, still life and Chinese rockery. Flowers such as lily of the valley, asters, chamomile, cosmos and quince make their debut in this series that explores the theme of what it is to be loved unconditionally by someone, and how that person shapes us.