C.N. Liew is the disciple of the great Zen master Bo Yuan and the father of Chinese contemporary ink art, Liu Kuo-Sung. Liew is the first artist of Chinese descent whose works are collected by the National Palace of Malaysia. Using the Chinese philosophical concept of Dao (the path) as an entry point into analyzing Liew’s exceptional artistry, the artist establishes a dialogue between traditional aesthetics and abstract expressionism through his unique “writing-painting” technique. Liew’s spiritual longing for freedom is revealed through the incredible energy of his brushstrokes.


Liew works with a variety of mediums including ink, calligraphy, acrylic, watercolor, sculpture and has collaborated with other artists from different fields, incorporating his art in contemporary dance, musicals and fashion. In 2005, Liew’s “Surrealligraphy” series won the “Special Award of the First Seoul International Calligraphy Biennial”. In 2012, Liew became the first Southeast Asian artist to exhibit at Art HK, Fine Art Asia and Art Miami. In 2016, Yazhou Zhoukan (Asia Weekly) named him as the winner of the first edition of “World Outstanding Young Leaders Award”.