Born in Xinjiang, Qin Chong enrolled in the Beijing College of Arts and Crafts (Beijing Institute of Art and Design) in 1986. During his studies in Beijing, Qin was deeply influenced by the emerging socio-ideological waves of the time and art became a profound means of expressing his emotions. Qin’s artistic creation evolved along with his personal growth. The artist’s vision was extended through his creations in multiple mediums, as well as through changing time and space.


Up to the 90s his art work was colourful, as he has said, “using colours to express feelings and concepts”. Red, yellow, blue, green – a great variety of colours – were an expression and style of the society of those days. However living through these terrifying times and amongst those restless people he found it difficult to find his real self. So he had to reduce the use of colours. Then progressively in the late 90s he entered into a period of black and white and found a style that better suited his own language.