45th Anniversary – Interview with Founder Fred Scholle


Hong Kong online media HK01 interviewed our founder Fred Scholle on the occasion of Galerie du Monde’s 45th anniversary and the opening of exhibition “One Art Group – Pioneers of Ink Art” in January 2019. Fred shared his experience in Hong Kong from the 1970s to the present, the development of the local art scene, his outlook for the art market, and Galerie du Monde’s mission to continuously promote Chinese contemporary art.


As the longest running contemporary art gallery in Hong Kong founded in 1974, Galerie du Monde has witnessed the discoveries and flourishing of Hong Kong’s local art groups, including One Art Group. Established in 1971, this art collective was regarded as a milestone movement in the history of ink art, based on the innovative ideas of Hong Kong’s famous ink artist Lui Shou-Kwan (1919-1975). Lui believed that local Chinese artists should strive first to retrace their roots, and seek to understand the spirit of traditional Chinese painting, which would allow them to develop self-expression and creativity. One Art Group was extremely active in this pursuit, and became one of the important painting collectives under the “new ink art movement” advocated by Lui.


“One Art Group – Pioneers of Ink Art” features 11 artists: Chou Lu Yun, Irene, Chui Tze-Hung, Kan Tai-Keung, Koo Mei, Carrie, Leung But-Yin, Ng Yiu-Chung , Poon Chun-Wah, Wong King-Seng,  Yeung Yick-Chung, Leung Kui-Ting and Wucius Wong.




January 11, 2019
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