Cathy Lu

Artsy: 7 Asian American Artists Using Ceramics to Break New Ground

Born in Miami, the ceramics-based artist Cathy Lu has been featured in the Artsy article, 7 Asian American Artists Using Ceramics to Break New Ground, written by Hayley Wong. Referencing Anne Anlin Cheng’s 2018 book Ornamentalism, Wong focuses on 7 East Asian American artists and how they approach a medium loaded with inescapable connotations related to East Asia and Asianness. Whether self-taught or working as professors, those artists find varying ways through ceramics to relate to, subvert, or toy with expectations. In her essay, Wong explores how Lu has came to manipluate traditional Chinese art objects and symbols on her own terms and takes a deep dive into Lu's latest solo exhibition, “Interior Garden” at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco.


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May 18, 2022
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