Cathy Lu

"Interior Garden" at Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco

Cathy Lu: Interior Garden

Venue: Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, US

Exhibition period: 20 January to 17 December 2022


The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco presents the solo exhibition of the ceramic-based artist Cathy Lu, "Xian Rui 2022: Interior Garden".  From the hands of creation myth goddess Nüwa to the teary eyes of Ruth Asawa, Lu transforms the galleries into a contemplative space for reconciliation between the promise of the American dream and the dystopian experiences of so many immigrants and people of color in the states. For Asian Americans, deemed as perpetual foreigners, model minorities, and scapegoats, feelings of invisibility and hypervisibility are equally potent and disorienting. Referencing two garden creation myths, "Immortal Peach Garden" and "Garden of Eden", the exhibition transforms the gallery space into an indoor sculpture garden through a series of newly commissioned large-scale ceramic installations.


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Photo credits: Artist and Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco

January 20, 2022
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