Wang Chuan

Solo Exhibition at Pingshan Art Museum

"Wang Chuan: Circumference"

Exhibition Period: On view since 13 September 2022

Veune: Pingshan Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

Curated by Jiang Jun


As part of the Shenzhen Contemporary Artists Series, "Wang Chuan: Circumference" is currently on view at Pingshan Art Museum of Shenzhen. The exhibition is put together with two intentions. One the one hand reflecting the core components of fang (square) and yuan (circle) in Wang Chuan's works. On the other hand outlining the essence of his creation, the state of in-betweenness. Showcasing 23 works of Wang Chuan's creations since 1985 to present, the exhibition pays tribute to the contributions made and accomplishment achieved by Wang Chuan, as one of the pioneering Chinese contemporary artists.


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Photo credits: Artist & A Thousand Plateaus Art Space



November 5, 2022
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