Wu Chi-Tsung

"Beyond Perception" at Tank Shanghai

"Beyond Perception" 

Venue: Tank Shanghai

Exhibition Period: November 8-11, 2018

Artists: Wu Chi-Tsung, Zeitguised, Eponine Momenceau, Tomás Saraceno, Frederik Heyman
Curator: Davide Quadrio


Arthub teamed up with NOWNESS to present a new group show called “naturalunnatural” as part of “experiments” in the Tank Art Project Space Shanghai.


“Border” refers to boundaries as well as interfaces. They are the dual-universe that are opposites and close ties at the same time. It is an experimentation of moving images that transcends boundaries and goes beyond perception between the dynamic sound and image, between the undefined time and space. Unlimited to a single-sided engagement, exploring the intertwined relationship between different media and forms.


In this exhibition, Ryoji Ikeda, a leading figure in Japanese electronic music and visual arts, will be exhibiting at Tank No.1 of the Tank Shanghai. Tank No. 2 will be hosted by Laure Prouvost, an artist who will represent France at the Venice Biennale in 2019. A group exhibition of “Naturalunnatural – How will be remembered in the future?”, curated by Davide Quadrio of Arthub, will also be presented. In addition, in the Tank No. 3, artist Lu Sisi will perform a special piece for the opening party. The event is also a special project of the Shanghai Biennale 2019.


Wu Chi-Tsung's “Still-Life 006 – Chrysanthemum” translates the traditional cut-branch flower painting into a time based moving image. As a video installation, the piece is projected on a hanging scroll, suggesting an outlying and ephemeral scenery that is akin to a vaguely fleeting memory. “Still-Life” series is originated from Wu Chi-Tsung’s awe to contemporary art and his nostalgia to traditional art.


"Still Life 006 – Chrysanthemum"
Single-Channel Video, 1920 x 1080 FullHD Mpeg2, Duration: 00:10:38, 2017


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November 8, 2018
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