Zheng Chongbin

University Museum and Art Gallery (HKU) Lecture: Zheng Chongbin’s Vision of Ink

Zheng Chongbin’s Vision of Ink

From 1980s Reforming China to the Global Digital (Art) World​

Speaker: Dr. Alina Sinelnyk

Moderator: Dr. Florian Knothe, Director of UMAG

Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALpt52iGa00

Organised by University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong


Galerie du Monde is delighted to share that UMAG has hosted a lecture focusing artist Zheng Chongbin’s vision of art. Using a manifesting case-study example of ink works by Zheng, this lecture sheds light on selected key milestones amongst many others, which contemporary Chinese ink art encountered at the turn of the twenty-first century.


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February 24, 2022
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