Yao Hai

"Reconstruction of Deconstruction" at the Power Station of Art, Shanghai

"Reconstruction of Deconstruction"

Venue: Power Station of Art, Shanghai

Event Date : December 23, 2019


Yao Hai's "Reconstruction of Deconstruction" performance art at the Power Station of Art in Shanghai on December 23 has attracted lots of attention.


"Reconstruction of Deconstruction" is an experimental project. Yao will be using installation and sculpture as props in this project and also invite several actors/actresses to participate and perform during the exhibition period. Yao Hai re-conceptualizes and understands the boundaries of art with installation, space through performance art.


Yao Hai's exhibition is on view at Galerie du Monde through January 7, 2019. The Pollen series digital paintings are inspired from his performance art.

December 23, 2018
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