Wesley Tongson

“Spiritual Mountains” at the Berkeley Art Museum

"Spiritual Mountains: The Art of Wesley Tongson"

Curator: Julia M. White, Senior Curator of Asian Art

Venue: Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley, California, USA

Exhibition Period: 12 January – 12 June 2022


Galerie du Monde is thrilled to share that the Berkeley Art Museum will be presenting a solo exhibition of Hong Kong artist Wesley Tongson in the first half of 2022.


"Spiritual Mountains: The Art of Wesley Tongson", curated by Julia White, the exhibition combines Tongson’s works with historic paintings from BAMPFA’s extensive Chinese painting collection to demonstrate the relationship between his genius and that of past masters.


The exhibition’s title reflects the importance of spirituality in Tongson’s journey as an artist; he was a student of many forms of devotion, from the teachings of Buddhism, Daoism, and Christianity to references to the natural world. His later paintings are frequently inscribed “Mountain Daoist” (Shandao Daoren), while some of his painting series are given titles of Spiritual Mountains and Mountain of Heaven.


Featured artists:

Gao Qipei (1672–1734)

Zhang Daqian (1889–1983)

Shitao (1642–1718)

Li Fangying (1695–1754)

Liu Kuo-Sung (1932-)

Harold Wong (1943-)


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November 25, 2021
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