Wu Chi-Tsung

New Video Series - Drawing Study

Wu Chi-Tsung

New Video Series - "Drawing Study"


The concept of the Drawing Study series originated in 2010 during Wu Chi-Tsung’s residency in Manchester, United Kingdom. Fascinated by the dialectical tension between temporality and eternity in time, he has been experimenting with various video shooting techniques since college. However, it was not until 2021 did he finally develop a real-time image processing system that could process frames in the image in real time during recording, and accumulate the variations frame by frame, so as a linear development of time is recorded and presented. Hence, the boundary between photography and painting is blurred, and a unique visual experience in-between dynamic and static is achieved as if physical thickness were added to time. 


Similar to how he made use of the light to develop images on films in early work “Self-Portrait” (2004), Wu Chi-Tsung once again uses a flashlight as a paintbrush to capture the silhouette of the statues and records the tails of light in space. The gentle movement and the dim glow have created a yūgenism (profound grace and subtlety) atmosphere, symphonizing the timeless quality of the statues that were created centuries ago.  Wu Chi-Tsung applied the same video technique to the daily city scenes in Taipei and the oceanic scenery at Longdong in northern Taiwan. By setting various parameters to adjust respectively the transparency and the lightness of the images, the artist has skillfully played with the video shooting process as a record of time, transforming into a process that is similar to painting, having lights layered on. 


Preview of Drawing Study 001 - Seascape Longdong (2021)



Preview of Drawing Study 002 - Urbanscape Taipei (2021)


September 30, 2021
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