"Feminisms Behind Curtain" Artist Talk

Featuring Stella Zhang

"Curtain" by Para Site and Rockbund Art Museum - Artist Talk

Feminisms Behind Curtain: Hu Yinping, Stella Zhang, and Chantal Akerman


Date: 19 June 2021, Saturday, 1:30pm HKT

Moderator: Anqi Li (Mandarin)

Full video: https://youtu.be/UaNAbq7Z0Ns


From Chantal Akerman’s cinematic exploration of her maternal Jewish lineage, to Stella Zhang’s mixed media work revealing the entanglement and clash between body and will, as well as Hu Yinping’s white lies that catalyzed her mother’s economic independence late in life, a multiplicity of feminisms abound in Curtain. In this session, Curtain curator Anqi Li will moderate a discussion with artists Hu Yinping, Stella Zhang, and guest speaker Liang Jiali, who will present on Chantal Akerman.


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June 15, 2021
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