Liu Kuo-Sung

Artist Talk by UCLA Asia Pacific Center

Peripheral Modernism in the Global Context: Art and Society in Taiwan 

ULCA-NTNU Taiwan Studies Initiative - Annual Conference

Date: 7-8 May 2021 


The University of California, Los Angeles and National Taiwan Normal University’s Taiwan Studies Initiative will host its annual conference this week on 7-8 May online via Zoom. The webinar will explore peripheral modernism in the global context, in focus on art and society in Taiwan, featuring the father of contemporary ink art Liu Kuo-Sung. The artist talk will take place on 7 May, 5pm to 6pm PDT.


The event is organized by Hui-shu Lee (Professor of Art History, UCLA) and Shu-mei Shih (Edward W. Said Professor of Comparative Literature, Asian Languages and Cultures, and Asian American Studies, UCLA). 


When modernism was considered a Western artistic movement, non-Western modernisms were considered derivative or belated. When modernism was considered a global movement, non-Western modernisms acquire meaning only through their relationship, whether historical or discursive, with Western modernism. Whether we take the “multiple modernisms” approach (that there are many different modernisms around the world), or “one modernism” approach (that there is one global modernism with multiple participants from different parts of the world), non-Western modernism is routinely peripheralized or pushed into insignificance. For a Pacific island country such as Taiwan, which is a nation-state without an UN-recognized state status since 1971, peripheralization of its modernist art has been its enduring and persistent fate. This conference takes stock of Taiwan’s modernist art in the global context, not only in terms of the unique role it played in Asia historically, but in terms of its participation in the interconnected global art world as a co-producer of that world. 


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May 5, 2021
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