Wu Chi-Tsung

Interview by Cyrus Lam - "The Art of Chance"

*CUP Magazine's recent feature of Wu Chi-Tsung's solo exhibition Exposé presents the unpredictable and complicated process behind his Cyano-Collage series. Details on cyanotype, an ancient photo-printing technique that is applied on Xuan paper explains the binary between chance and intention, written by Cyrus Lam.


The layering process of Cyano-Collage evokes philosophical ideas proposed by philosopher John Locke, to which his thesis on the human mind was based on theory by Tabula Rasa. Locke notes,  "Every concept is based on sensory or reflection. If we consider a person's heart as a piece of blank paper, without any markings or symbols, then any concepts that appear would be based on experience." - Excerpt from *CUP Magazine, "Wu Chi-Tsung and Galerie du Monde - Art of Chance", by Cyrus Lam, 1 April 2021.   


In Wu's Cyano-Collage series, the absorption of cyanotype on Xuan paper and layering of acrylic gel can be perceived as an analogy of life; each element forms lines and wrinkles, a marking of time and experience. Collectively, the transcendence of material allows us to see the magnificient landscape from Wu's perspective. 


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April 1, 2021
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