Wu Chi-Tsung

Interview by HKEJ LifeStyle Journal "When Nature Inspires Art"

Hong Kong Economic Journal's weekly magazine LifeStyle Journal has interviewed Wu Chi-Tsung to dicsuss his artistic practice over the past decade, his Cyano-Collage series and outlook of the Taiwanese art ecosystem. 


“I spend a significant amount of time and effort to study materials, research and experiment with different techniques. Most contemporary artists place their focus on refining their concept, but I am rather traditional and I have a holistic approach to art. I think about the entire process from the choice and use of materials, to different concepts, to art history references – in order to form my unique artistic language, to find my place in our time and discover my identity as an artist.” – Wu Chi-Tsung, Interview with HKEJ LifeStyle Journal, 23 April 2021.  


Wu Chi-Tsung's exhibition Exposé, curated by Hong Kong based Ying Kwok is on view at Galerie du Monde until 13 June 2021. 

April 23, 2021
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