Qin Feng

"Out of the Blue" in Milan

In Out of the Blue, six established Chinese artists – Qin Feng, Qu Lei Lei, Sun Xun, Mao Lizi, Zhang Chun Hong, Wang Huangsheng – combining the millenary tradition of their past with the latest technologies, let themselves be inspired by the specificity of a single medium and explore Alcantara® in all its declinations and potential through works that offer transversal readings, ranging from the classical to the contemporary. Using Alcantara® as a common denominator, the artists explore the versatility of this avant-garde medium to create works imbued with personal and collective memories. By integrating ancient practices with a futuristic material, China’s millennial cultural heritage acquires new expressive potential.



Calligraphy is one of the highest artistic forms in Chinese culture. After the age of technical reproducibility and the advent of the digital era, this ancient discipline still represents a vehicle of knowledge, a voice addressing topical issues, and a medium that connects an ancient past to contemporary philosophical research. Recognised by UNESCO as an element of world heritage, more than any other type of writing or ‘alphabet’, Chinese calligraphy has always been appreciated for its aesthetic and artistic value: every stroke appears to have been dictated by a soft and gentle flight, endowed with the flow of life conferred by the very instinctiveness of the gesture and its pictographic nature, for each character is a direct representation of something and its meaning. The great ‘non-action’ of Wu Wei spirituality – the practice of acting without acting, without forcing things but allowing a natural and
spontaneous course to flow, to become – joins the aesthetic sphere.


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March 1, 2021
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