Wu Chi-Tsung

Asian Art Museum Collection

Galerie du Monde is thrilled to announce that Wu Chi-Tsung's Cyano-Collage 024 has been acquired by the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco!


Wu's work explores light and time, and ways to recreate traditional art forms and aesthetics without losing the spirit. Wu began the Cyano-Collage series with the intention to reinterpret the traditional texturing (cunfa) method of Chinese landscape painting. Instead of using ink and brush, Wu utilizes cyanotype to treat his textures on Chinese rice paper (Xuan paper) and collages them onto canvas, resulting in mesmerizing mountain ranges and seascapes.


Abby Chen, Head of Contemporary Art at the Asian Art Museum has hosted a Studio Encounter with the artist to delve into his creative process. 


Cyano-Collage 024

Cyanotype, Xuan Paper, Acrylic Gel, Acrylic

180 x 360 cm, created in 2018

February 5, 2021
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