Wu Chi-Tsung

Participates in Photo London 2019

Photo London 2019

Venue:  Somerset House, London

Exhibition Period: May 16-19, 2019


Wu Chi-Tsung will be presenting his Cyano-Collage, Still Life and Wrinkled Texture series at Photo London 2019. Developed from the Wrinkled Texture series, the Cyano-Collage series has become one of the most representative series of the artist. An innovative language of photography is developed within the artwork that combines the cyanotype technique, the collage method, as well as the wrinkled texture technique from traditional landscape painting and the aesthetics thereof. Wu Chi-Tsung’s long-lasting exploration in art could be reflected here, that he seeks the way to accommodate both the spiritual and nostalgic landscapes and the scientific and mechanical recording media, and further let them question, reinforce, and develop each other. The Still Life Series place more weight on the universality of traditional beauty, as well as how it is eternally unpredictable and uncertain. Upon the melancholy grounding color, what is recorded is exactly the artist’s mixture feeling of fascination and helplessness towards the beauty.


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May 11, 2019
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