Michael Müller

"Anton in a Bast Skirt - Aesthetic Judgement and Selflessness"

Michael Müller approaches his own work as a curator in the second iteration of his solo exhibition “Anton in a Bast Skirt” at Galerie Thomas Schulte in Berlin.


With the title Ästhetisches Urteil und Selbstlosigkeit: sich einer Sache aussetzen mit entleertem Blick und ohne Halt (Aesthetic Judgement and Selflessness: exposing oneself to something with an empty gaze and without holding back), the curator Michael Müller distances himself from Michael Müller as painter and, thus, also from his own self-commissioned works – opening up the possibility of self-correction, different versions and points of view create a situation of comparison. Herein aesthetic decisions can be found to be right or wrong and an aesthetic judgment can be made.


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October 12, 2020
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