Roland Biermann

Photofairs Shanghai 2020

Roland Biermann is featured in Photofairs Shanghai 2020's Exposure Award Digital Exhibition.


Born in Bonn, 1962, is a German conceptual artist based in London who works with photography, film, sculpture and installation. He has exhibited his work widely since 1995 and has enjoyed a number of residencies and Awards throughout his career. His work is held in the German Embassy in London, Signy + Olaf Wíllums Art Foundation, Provence and private collections around the world.


Speaking about his work, he says: ‘Based on the idea of coming to an age of formal completion and orderly perfection, science seeks to understand causality and processes, and ultimately promises theories of irrefutable truths. This is precisely the antithesis of my work. My practice depicts a rejection of the definite, the literal and the static. My enduring preoccupation is in fact to find a visual equivalent to the experiences of movement and mobility, in time and in space, and ultimately, in society.”


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September 18, 2020
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