Michael Müller - Drei biographische Versuche - Kapitel I.: Gefüge aus Gefühl und Genauigkeit

Galerie du Monde is pleased to present groundbreaking German artist Michael Müller’s three-chapter solo exhibition series Drei biographische Versuche [en: Three Biographical Attempts] in Hong Kong from September 2021 to March 2022.


Through stories of his Indian grandmother, Michael Müller (b. 1970) noticed gaps in his identity perception growing up, and he filled them on long expeditions to India and Tibet. The insights gained from these journeys were incorporated into his artistic practice. The constant navigation between Western and Eastern culture influenced the individual and collective identity of Müller. Through his imagination, Müller presents the connections and differences, creating new pathways between intellectual terrains that are diametrically different and yet strangely complement one another. Müller’s work is deeply rooted in art history, and he merges philosophical thoughts with the personal, inviting the viewer to contemplate his larger metaphysical search for the self.


The Drei biographische Versuche exhibition series is like Müller’s personal diary f­rom the past three decades. Through each chapter, Müller unveils his journey of self-discovery, embracing change, and self-creation.


On 15 September, the first chapter Gefüge – Gefühl und Genauigkeit [en: Structure – Feeling and Accuracy] debuts in Hong Kong featuring a new series of abstract paintings entitled Im Garten des Chán (West-östliche Bewegung) [en: In the Garden of Chán (West-Eastern Movement)], presented with a series of early works which include sets of drawings, two installations and a video.


VR Tour: https://eazel.net/exhibitions/959