3E14: Fong Chung-Ray, Michael Müller, Wesley Tongson, Juan Uslé, Wang Gongyi, Wu Chi-Tsung and Stella Zhang

Galerie du Monde is delighted to present group exhibition 3E14, showcasing a diverse group of six abstract artists, in exploration of the artistic dialogue between the East and the West in the postwar era and the growing acuteness of cross-cultural exchange. One of the most significant fruits of the East-West nexus has been innovation in the realm of contemporary abstraction. Covering multiple generations from the 1960s to the present, Galerie du Monde presents the exchange between Euro-American abstraction and East Asian art and philosophy, featuring the pioneer ink artist from Taiwan’s Fifth Moon Group – Fong Chung-Ray, lyrical abstract painters – Juan Uslé from Spain and Wang Gongyi from China; conceptual artists – Michael Müller from Germany and Stella Zhang from China; and young Taiwanese multimedia artist – Wu Chi-Tsung.


In addition, Galerie du Monde will present a special feature of the late Hong Kong ink artist Wesley Tongson’s finger paintings from his mature period.