Xiao Bo - Solo Exhibition

Galerie du Monde is pleased to present the premier solo exhibition in Hong Kong of Chinese contemporary artist Xiao Bo (b. 1977, Hangzhou, China) from 12 January to 25 February 2018, showcasing an impressive group of paintings, all of which were created in 2017.


Xiao Bo graduated from the China Academy of Art in 1999, where he trained in traditional oil painting, which helped to formulate his development of extremely innovative painting techniques. In recent years, Xiao’s work evolved from traditional figurative painting to a revolutionary style of abstraction. His extensive use of vibrant green hues, along with other colors, including black, are used as his means of expression for the stunning paintings in this collection being presented. One of the most important works in the exhibition is "Sketch 2017 - Green 8". This 1.6-meter-high and 1.2-meter-wide painting is one of the latest works created by the artist for this exhibition.


From 2014 onwards, Xiao Bo eliminated details in his paintings and used expressive brushstrokes and linear patterns to convey his ideas, focusing more on the creative process in his work rather than on the construction of various forms. In his works, he sprays layers of paint on the canvas, and then peels the paint, layer by layer to create spontaneous lines. With the rhythmic patterns in Xiao’s works, his abstract artistic language is singled out, developing a new visual experience for the audience.


Another "Sketch" series of works are mainly black in color, with details shown in green brushstrokes. The artist revealed that the subject matter of these works is transmitted into abstract forms so that the audience is able to form a more extensive personal interpretation of the imagery. There are a total of four paintings of this series displayed in the exhibition, in which the use of black color on canvas reconstructs the sense of balance in the paintings.


In addition, a set of six paintings from the series "Independent Shapes" presented in the exhibition are created in ink on paper. Even though the use of colors and brushstrokes of this series differs from Xiao’s works of acrylic on canvas, the raw texture of the edges of the paper and the depiction of the subject matter show the consistent creative talent of the artist.