Yao Hai relocated to Hong Kong in 2009 and New York in 2013. Currently lives and works in Shanghai. Yao’s practice spans across installation, photography, sculpture, painting, video, performance and sound. He has held solo exhibitions at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences (“Reconstruction of Deconstruction”, 2018), Shanghai Gallery 55, (“Adventure in Graphics”, 2018 and “zero + one + twelve”, 2017), Wuhan United Art Museum (“Free Play of Deconstruction”, 2017) and Wuhan K11 art village (“Beyond Boundaries”, 2016). His works have been exhibited in many international institutions including the Taipei Artist Village, the CICA Museum in South Korea, the Queens Museum and the Williamsburg Art & Historical Centre in New York. 


Yao’s work ranges from irregular structures, rhythm that combines light and dark to the nuances between intentional and accidental. Together they create a space for philosophical contemplation. The result of this is a lust for power and a visual recognition that is not only about our individuality but also a confession of the existence of the material world.


In this seemingly romantic visual language, the artist is emphasizing about reality, that is, how the symbolism reveals different aspects of life. It is a process from entirety to part and back.