Li Hao has enjoyed notable successful for a young artist in China, with exhibitions including three at the National Art Museum of China. The artist’s work has also been shown at Art Taipei and Art London. This solo exhibition will be the artist’s second solo exhibition at Galerie du Monde. Li Hao holds a BA in Fine Art from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin, China and an MA in Fine Art from the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing.


In 2012, his work “The Transformation about 798” was selected to be shown in The Second Modeling Art Exhibition of New Artists at the National Art Museum of China. In the same year, another of his works, “Get Lost”, was included in The Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale at the National Art Museum of China.


The curator Duan Shaofeng commented Lihao, “His ink work is very different from his predecessors. He is trying to present the innovation of ink yet maintain the tradition skills of Chinese painting. I think what Lihao has in mind is more than just painting, but a revolutionary recreation and the ambition to promote Chinese painting. Such ambition has been leading his footpath in creation. The linkage between Chinese ink and contemporary art is a very serious problem, one that troubled many predecessors. I do not know how Lihao’s works will evolve, but what I am certain is that his life will belong to Chinese painting.


Lihao’s work has evolved greatly in recent years, no longer constrained within the representative image. His works has departed from tradition painting and elevated to a spiritual state. His abstract language with its free flow of energy, challenges the randomness of ink; the prima facie accidental touches on the image are in fact a well-orchestrated production.


He changed the traditional form and viewing of ink, bringing ink into a unique status; a state that inherits the social responsibility of contemporary ink artists, which demonstrate the passionate for art and humanity concern of the artist.