Our Conservation Studio provides a complete restoration service for works of art on paper and canvas. For works of art damaged through shipping or accident, we provide full condition and recommendation reports for insurance purposes. Whether it be the removal of tape from a cherished print or the complete restoration of a valued painting on canvas, we provide the collector with the finest professional service.

The right half of the above illustration shows the original condition of a print. Water stains, foxing, and general dirt and grime are due to improper framing, a damp environment and years of neglect. On the left, that portion of the print after restoration with the removal of all stains and dirt and completed with proper framing. Note that the original colors of the print have not been altered.

Although no claims are made that restoration can return a work of art to its original condition, when necessary, restoration can certainly greatly improve a damaged or neglected work of art and together with proper framing, protect the work from further deterioration so that it may be enjoyed by future generations.